The North Downs way Sculpture

Dan’s stool

Eashing Farm Balustrade

Victorian Balustrade

Greyswood Staircase

Stainless Steel Towel Rail Set

Passion Lilly Balusrade

Art Deco Interior Doors

The Leaf Balcony

Hammered Art Table

Organic Teak Coffee Table

Forged Stainless Steel Candle Holders

Organic Coffee Table

Garden Swing Seat

Meteorite Stands

Guildford Cathedral Gates

The Web of Life

Kenny Sculptural Garden Gate

Thaunton Gates

Surrey Garden Gates

The Tree Gate

Celtic Fan Gate

Masonic Lodge Gates

Lostiford House Gates

Thursley House Gates

Berkeley Homes Fountains

Cambridge Sculpture

The Hop Picker

Chalet Staircase

Contemporary Staircase

Olympic Cycle Sculpture

Celtic Railings

Chinese Take Away

Celtic Coffee Table

Even Flow Candle Stands

The Carby Fireplace