My History

At Utopia Forge I have been crafting metal for over 35 years. My reputation is for sympathetic design complemented by expert metalworking skills using a fully-equipped hot and cold metalworking studio. My work ranges from handmade gates and railings through to bespoke sculptural works of art using a large variety of metals and techniques.

I can offer a personal service to all clients; individual, corporate, private and to the public sector.

Andy Quirks Inspirations

  • Michael Quirk

  • Pat Martin

  • Terrence Clark

  • Albert Payley

  • Chris Quirk

  • Salvador Dali

  • Antoni Dali

  • The “Unknown Irish Blacksmith”

About Andy Quirk

My father’s side of the family originates from Wexford, Ireland. This is where the Quirk pedigree was born. My great uncle Jack was the village blacksmith of Glenbrian; at the turn of the last century he was not only a master farrier but also produced wonderful pieces of decorative iron work in very limited conditions.

When I was just six years old, I saw an educational TV program about an Irish blacksmith; he forged a horse’s head into perfection with only a piece of wrought iron, a hammer and a variety of chisels. I suddenly perked up and said to my dad, “that’s what I’m gonna do”. So it began.

Andy Quirks Designs

I have been hugely influenced by the artistic geniouses of our world but my own surrealistic influences and personal design are unique among other blacksmiths. Technique and execution are simply the means to an end when creating custom ironwork. Design possibilities and custom detail are infinite in possibility. I specialise primarily in unique pieces which are structurally and architecturally sound and always complementary to its surroundings.

A Comment from the Artist

I hope you enjoy some of the images of work which I have designed and created with the help of the skilled people, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with throughout my career. Along with some of the very intimate, personal works of Art I have produced.